Mrs. Stephanie Burgess

Ceo / President

Greetings friends and family,

Working with children has been a passion for over 10 years. I have worked in several childcare facilities as well as owned and operated my own in home childcare facility in Charlotte NC for 5 years. Since our date of opening here at Rising Stars Child Development Center in October 2011, we have experienced many joys and pains but through it all we have become a quality facility that is thriving and constantly upgrading. Our facility is FOUR STAR rated in the state of NC. 

Since opening my business in 2011 I have obtained many certifications and joined several childcare organizations in which I hold a position as an officer. 

Union County Childcare Association President

Early Childhood Education Degree

Administration 1 & 2 Training

Early Childhood Credential

NC Pre-K Certification

NC Special Needs Certification

This list will continue to grow as I continue my education to ensure that the education of our children comes first. 

Thank You & Love,

Mrs. Stephanie Burgess

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